Learning Reborn - The first fully immersive 3D learning experience of its kind.

Understand child development from conception to birth with  our PregnancyVue app. A virtual reality (VR) experience  designed in consultation with learners, tutors and subject  specialists that gives the clearest picture of the pregnancy  journey for both mother and child.


  • Completely immersive – learners get a unique experience they can’t get anywhere else.
  • A unique viewpoint – learners can experience foetal development from a viewpoint inside and outside of the womb, which aids their learning.
  • The ‘cross-section’ body view supports a full understanding of development and anatomy.
  • Guiding audio – to help learners understand the factors impacting on the development of the baby during pre-conception and at each stage of pregnancy.
  • In-built quiz and jargon buster – to ensure learners fill gaps in their knowledge and practice what they have learned.
  • Three easy ways to download – Oculus, Android and Apple.
  • It’s free – making it accessible for every provider and learner.

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