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All you need to know about PregnancyVue

PregnancyVue is the first Virtual Reality (VR) app developed to support the delivery of our Child, Health and Social Care qualifications.  It has been designed in consultation with learners, tutors and subject specialists.

Our app offers a fully immersive 3D learning experience.  You see and experience foetal development from conception to birth from a viewpoint inside the womb. A guiding audio helps you understand the factors impacting on the development of the baby during pre-conception and at each stage of pregnancy.

What our learners and tutors think

We’ve had a brilliant response to PregnancyVue so far.

Taking PregnancyVue ‘on the road’ to university open days, CACHE Conferences, workshops and demos in colleges, we have seen our qualifications come to life in a completely new way for learners.

User’s thoughts and feedback have been captured every step of the way. The result is an app that excites and supports learners and tutors equally, that works effectively in the classroom, and that learners respond to like never before.

How PregnancyVue works

PregnancyVue is a completely immersive virtual reality experience.  It allows users to explore child development from conception to birth. The optional audio explains the human biology of pregnancy, supporting understanding of factors that might impact upon the development of the baby at each stage of the pregnancy, during labour and in birth.

Users can spend time inside the womb, developing a deep understanding of the environment and stages of development, then switch to an external ‘in the mirror’ viewpoint of pregnancy, or see a ‘cross-section’ of the body, to support a full understanding of development and anatomy.

An in-built quiz and jargon buster is integrated into the app to ensure learners fill gaps in their knowledge and practice what they have learned.

See what learners at Darlington College say about PregnancyVue.

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Free to download and use.

PregnancyVue is free to download on Oculus Go, directly from the Oculus app store and includes an optional tutorial to understand how to navigate and operate so it can be used independently, inside and outside of the classroom.

Oculus 3D Version

PregnancyVue is free to download on the Oculus Go headset*, directly from the Oculus app store and includes an optional tutorial to understand how to navigate and operate so it can be used independently, inside and outside of the classroom.

*Oculus headsets are available to buy separately. You can find out more about this on the Oculus website, here.

Android and Apple 2D Version

If you don’t have access to an Oculus Go headset or want to encourage learners to explore the topic independently, you can also download a free mobile Android [link] or Apple [link] version of the app designed to support the VR experience.

Why we created PregnancyVue

CACHE is part of an educational charity and we believe deeply in our mission to create opportunities for success to enrich society.

PregnancyVue is part of our ongoing work to ensure our qualifications are gold standard quality, giving learners the best possible start to their career and lifelong learning journey.

Through consultation with our centres and employer stakeholders, we know learners need more support in this subject area, so we are providing a unique, effective and engaging solution to support real understanding.

Education Technology is growing rapidly, and as a leader in our field, CACHE believe it is our responsibility to make sure we invest in the best to support our learners.

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