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An immersive experience for all Early Years learners and trainee Childcare and Nursery Assistants.

Understand the health and safety factors involved in working  with children in a nursery, with our NurseryVue app. A virtual reality (VR) experience designed in consultation with learners, tutors and subject specialists that gives an accurate picture of what it’s like to work in a nursery setting.

Our NurseryVue app builds learner confidence and prepares them for work experience by exploring childcare health and safety issues and solutions from the comfort of the classroom.

It’s easily accessible and is available for VR headsets or desktop viewing.


  • Totally immersive – every learner can experience a realistic nursery setting which will enhance their learning and improve their confidence.
  • Aligned with our qualifications – it fits in seamlessly with learning.
  • A variety of topics – to give a well-rounded understanding.
  • Scenarios and quiz questions – to allow learners to practice and recognise any areas for improvement.
  • Includes a FREE revision buster app (Android and Apple versions), providing flexibility for learners so they can revise their virtual lesson learnings in their own time.
  • Two experiences – learners can view the indoor nursery classroom and the outdoor playground, giving them both important perspectives.
  • Three easy ways to download – Oculus, Android and Apple.
  • It’s free – making it accessible for every provider and learner.

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