What is it?

NurseryVue is a downloadable virtual reality (VR) experience that helps Early Years learners and trainee Childcare and Nursery Assistants, understand the health and safety factors involved in working with children in a nursery.

It is a Free app that brings childcare learning to life.

Not every student can gain work experience through placement in the real world.  With the NurseryVue app they can explore childcare health and safety issues and solutions in the safety of their classroom using either Oculus VR headsets or Microsoft PC software.

Aligned with the CACHE Early Years Qualification

There are two levels provided and these align with the CACHE Level 2 Early Years Practitioner and the Level 3 Early Years Educator qualifications.  But in testing it has become obvious that Early Years level 1 students can also benefit from seeing what the inside of a nursery and its health and safety issues look and feel like.

Each topic has three parts:

  • Teaching and learning
  • Doing (3D Scenarios)
  • Quiz Questions

These parts are set in two virtual reality experiences - the indoors nursery classroom and the outdoors playground.   The majority of the scenarios take place in the nursery.

Topics include:

  1. Dietary Requirements
  2. Food and Nutrition
  3. Hygiene (Exercise and Physical Care)
  4. Unwell Children
  5. Providing a Safe Environment for children

Created with Early Years Learners and Childcare students in mind

Designed in consultation with learners, tutors and subject specialists, and tested with existing CACHE students, when combined with CACHE’s specialist knowledge, it gives the clearest picture, short of actual works experience, of what it is like to work in a nursery.

Revision Buster Back-up

Even better, NurseryVue is backed-up by a revision buster app that is available to students in Android and Apple versions, so they can revise their virtual lesson learnings in their own time.

NurseryVue – Free to Download