CACHE Apprentice of the Year 2017 – Bria

We are delighted to announce that Bria, from Buxton and Leek College, won the CACHE Apprentice of the Year award 2017.

Jill Hutchinson, Assessor in Childcare and Education at Buxton and Leek College, nominated Bria for the award to recognise the hard work, dedication and fantastic attitude Bria has shown while completing the CACHE Apprenticeship for the Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator).

Bria’s attitude enabled her to successfully secure a position with one of the college’s outstanding employers, Serpentine Nursery, where expectations are high. Throughout the interview process Bria met all requests on time and with a high level of professionalism.

Jill commented: “This professional attitude has continued throughout her Apprenticeship. Bria always completes work on time and to an excellent standard and is a superb practitioner; her attitude to her Apprenticeship as a whole has impressed everyone who has been involved.”

Serpentine Nursery was immediately impressed by Bria’s drive and desire to work within the childcare sector. Although the interview process to gain employment with Serpentine Nursery was competitive, Bria’s energy and enthusiasm meant she stood out amongst other candidates, many of whom had more experience.

Serpentine Nursery commented: “Bria has shown maturity beyond her years throughout her Apprenticeship. We believe that she demonstrates the potential to go on to be an outstanding early years educator.”
Since gaining employment Bria has demonstrated a clear intuition for the needs of others, and readily uses her initiative to support her colleagues, who say that she is always keen to offer her help and takes on anything that is asked of her with determination and a smile.

All her interactions with her employers, with children and their families and college staff are sensitive, open and honest. While completing her CACHE Apprenticeship Bria also impressed Buxton and Leek College’s Ofsted inspector during an interview they had with her at her workplace. The inspector reported that he was “very impressed by Bria’s high levels of skill and knowledge of the sector”.

Jill added: “Bria presented herself as a mature young lady who wanted a chance to enter the childcare sector. Bria’s calm and warm manner with the children results in them turning to her for support and comfort - the high quality of her relationship with the children is obvious. Bria works reflectively and proactively to improve her practice.”

Julie Hyde, Associate Director at CACHE commented: “Although we received a large number of entries for our Apprentice of the Year Award detailing fantastic stories of apprentices achieving their potential through learning, Bria stood out to us for her determination, commitment and clear passion for the sector."