CACHE learners at Burnley College celebrate success

Childcare and Education learners at Burnley College achieve successful outcomes despite interruptions and alterations due to Covid-19.

Overcoming challenges

The unprecedented interruptions to learning in the previous academic year have impacted hugely on colleges and their learners. However, to overcome some of these hurdles, Burnley College put together a comprehensive remote learning programme to support their Childcare and Education learners to achieve even without access to the classroom.  

Learners were actively engaged in the remote learning approach, which was a great way to prepare them for entering employment or starting university. Lecturers at Burnley College worked extremely hard to ensure the best possible outcome for all learners.

Learner progression

Lianne Bradford, Early Years Lecturer at Burnley College, commented: “The support from CACHE and our External Quality Assurer, Natalie, during the Covid-19 pandemic was greatly appreciated. It was imperative for us that our learners would continue to progress, develop, and achieve regardless of the situation. Natalie made the remote evaluation process relaxed and put the team at ease whilst maintaining high professionalism and effectiveness, which was essential after a difficult term.”

“We initially chose CACHE because we liked the course content, the variety of assessment methods, the flexibility for lecturers to take ownership of their own units whilst covering all the criteria and the consistent links through the objectives and course content to placement experiences.

“All the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for the learners to achieve the qualification are delivered through well planned, thought out, up to date and relevant learning objectives and criteria which are easily delivered following the detailed scheme of work provided by CACHE. The delivery can be individualised for each lecturer to put their own unique style to it whilst meeting the learning needs of different groups and learners being taught. We are able to deliver the sessions to the highest possible standard to ensure the best outcomes and results for our learners.”

Becoming effective practitioners

Lianne continued: “The benefits for the learners studying these qualifications has been the continuous links between theory and practice. Feedback from our learners indicates that learning the knowledge in college helps them to embed the skills and behaviours required for practice. By using this continuous cycle of theory being embedded with placement practice the learners are able to know and understand exactly what they are learning through hands on practical experience, that in return they can then bring back to the classroom and reflect on, encouraging them to become lifelong reflective practitioners.

“The support and correspondence from CACHE is exemplary, with emails replied to promptly, support provided and given as and when required. The evaluation process is concise, encouraging, comprehensive whilst being attentive and greatly appreciative of all the hard work applied by staff and students alike.

Stepping stone to achieve future goals

Caitlin, a Level 3 Award in Childcare and Education learner at Burnley College, said: “I thought this course was an excellent way to introduce and progress my learning within the early years and a great stepping stone which I’m glad I took to achieve my future goals. I really enjoyed the mix of college and placement as I felt like it was a good balance. It helped me to learn how to work in the workplace as well as gaining practical knowledge of childcare. I now feel ready to move onto studying primary teaching in the early years at university as this course has effectively prepared me for this.”

Encouraging creative learning

Another learner, Jasmine, commented: “I chose to do this course because I knew I wanted to work with children in the future and it seemed like a good option as I knew I would get lots of first-hand experience in the early years. Throughout my time on the course I have grown in confidence when working not only with children but with other members of staff which will set me up well in my journey to becoming a primary school teacher.

“Placement was my favourite part of the course however the content of the classroom work was also incredibly interesting as it opened my eyes to the reasons behind teaching techniques. I love being able to be creative, which is another reason I really enjoyed the course as there were many ways in which we could present our work, for example PowerPoints, scrapbooks or leaflets, rather than just essays. Overall, I really value my time on the course as I learnt so much in the classroom and out.”

Natalie, External Quality Assurer at CACHE, said: “The strong working relationships between staff and students at Burnley College undoubtedly served them well during what has been an uncertain period for many providers. They’ve responded to the challenges faced with absolute positivity and this has resulted in fantastic work – both in their academic studies and on placement. I’m really excited to see how they develop with their T Level provision and look forward to working with them in the future.”

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