Flying the flag for men in early years - Dale Ramsey's professional profile

 Dale Ramsey began his journey in the early year sector in 2013 and has held several managerial posts during his professional journey. Through his strong knowledge of early years, as well as his experience of working across and networking with a large number of nurseries and his current roles with Ofsted, he uses his passion of working in the early years sector to continually improve the quality of provision and aims to create inspiring environments.

An early introduction to the power of the Early Years sector 

Dale always had a keen interest in education but never fully understood the different pathways available within the sector. Initially, he felt a primary teaching degree would be ideal for him and was due to start this at the University of Worcester in September 2013. However, Dale’s passion for early years began when his Mum became a childminder; her passion and determination to make a difference to children’s lives empowered him to do the same. Early years was an area that Dale had never even considered until his Mum became heavily involved in the sector, but he is so glad he made the decision to follow in her footsteps and really cannot believe the impact that he has been able to make in just six years.

Dale’s journey began when he worked as an apprentice Early Years Educator alongside his full-time college studies. This is where he realised he had a passion for offering the youngest of children inspiring experiences and opportunities to enhance their learning and development; in particular, Dale was keen to explore the impact that he could have on this aspect in a leadership or management role. Dale carried out vast amounts of research for courses that would enable him to become a leader and manager but that would also allow him to continue working alongside his studies in order to gain lots of experience.

Continued learning and professional development

Dale has a strong commitment to continuing his professional development and during his employment has achieved a FdA in Early Years and a BA (Hons) in Integrated Working with Children and Families from the University of Worcester, in addition to numerous other qualifications and training courses. Some of these include: Level 3 Diploma in the Children and Young Person’s Workforce (CYPW), a Level 4 Diploma in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTTLS), and a qualification to teach Basic Child Protection, to name but a few.

Dale is able to share this passion for learning throughout the training services he provides. Dale travels around the country delivering Child Protection training, as well as working very closely with  the local authority. Dale also implements an in-house training programme for his employer which supports employees’ knowledge and understanding of a range of early years topics and enables them to become experts within their roles and work towards a shared vision.

As a male in the early years sector, Dale has worked hard to demonstrate his commitment to each and every child and family making a difference to their start in education. In more recent years, Dale has proudly been able recruit a number of males into the sector to support the gender imbalance it currently faces.

Making a difference in the present day

Dale’s current role is Operations Manager where he works at the forefront of his Company, redesigns business operations and leads a team of managers to ensure his organisation offers an outstanding, high-quality and unique service to all children and their families.  Dale’s vision in his current role is that that each stakeholder within his Company is treated as an individual and has a unique and outstanding experience during their time at the provision; his vision comes alive by working alongside dedicated, self-motivated and inspiring leaders and practitioners each day, whom are all passionate in working towards that common goal.

In addition to this, Dale is the West Midlands Chairman for the Ofsted Big Conversation network, after being the Dudley LA representative for a number of years. Almost two years ago, Dale become employed as a contracted Ofsted Inspector (OI) with Ofsted. This is one of his greatest achievements to date, being the youngest inspector in the whole of England at the time.

There has not been a single day that Dale has thought he made the wrong career choice. In fact, he views that he is a male working in this industry as a huge positive, and feels this has made him ‘stand out from the crowd’ at times in his career. In almost eight years of working in this profession, Dale is so thankful of each and every opportunity he has been able to grab with both hands and simply cannot wait to see what the future holds for him and other aspiring men in the early year’s workforce.