​Health and Social Care Diploma

The Health and Social Care Diploma has given Emma Jewers a greater understanding of her role in the workplace.

Having been working for some time in a one-on-one supported living environment, Emma welcomed the opportunity to study with a group of enthusiastic learners and a knowledgeable tutor.

Emma studied as part of Blackpool Council's Workforce Development programme and enrolled on the Health and Social Care Diploma at Blackpool and Fylde College.

Emma comments "I was very impressed with the format of the course and the in-depth content and structure were presented in a very logical way, with one topic leading into the next. In my opinion it is a holistic, well-rounded qualification".

"I enjoyed putting into practice the skills that I was learning about in the course. It is important to me to understand the logistics of what I do and to gain a greater understanding of my role."

Completing the course has given Emma the impetus to continue with the Workforce Development programme, she now intends to study management qualifications and ultimately enrol on a degree course.