Level 2 Certificate in Child Care and Education

Southampton based FNTC training are celebrating the success of 12 of their Learners, after juggling GCSE studies to achieve a 100% pass rate in the Level 2 Certificate in Childcare and Education.

"As this is the first year FNTC have delivered the CCE, it makes the achievement even more impressive," says Elizabeth Young, FNTC Centre Director. The 12 Learners all studied at FNTC's Isle of Wight Centre, combining the course with their GCSE studies at the Carisbrooke and Medina Schools.

Over a two-year period, the learners attended work placements at a selection of local nurseries and pre-schools, attending lectures at FNTC in Newport for two days a week. Anita Dos Santos, Office Manager in the Isle of Wight said, "The practical element really helped them get a good understanding of what a career in childcare might be like, and this qualification is a great foundation if they wanted to progress."

Even though they have only just finished the Certificate in Child Care and Education, two of the Learners have already expressed a keen interest in doing a child care apprenticeship with FNTC, as they think they might have found the right career path for them. "They are very young but I think doing the qualification has definitely 'planted the seed,'" says Elizabeth.

At present, FNTC do not deliver the Level 3 Diploma in Child Care and Education from their Isle of Wight Centre, which would provide another opportunity for progression. However, as the Centre becomes more established at delivering the Level 2 qualification, Anita says it could definitely be considered for the future.

In the meantime, Anita is always on hand to offer advice to the Learners. Bev Kemmish, PA to the Centre Director speaks very positively of Anita's relationship building success, "Anita is absolutely brilliant, she is really professional and builds a good rapport with students, parents, settings and schools. This helps her to make links, for instance, if a learner wanted to do a placement in a particular setting, chances are Anita will already have a good relationship with the management there so could make the necessary arrangements. She also knows where the best career advice is available and works with schools to ensure learners can access it."

Bev isn’t alone in attributing the success of the learners to the excellent tutors and staff at the Isle of Wight Centre. One of the 12 Learners, Nicole Sutcliffe said "I really enjoyed my time at FNTC, also I liked working with the children in my work placement. The tutors at FNTC are brilliant and really helped me with all my work and ambitions. My time at FNTC will be remembered."

Both Elizabeth and Anita are delighted at the 100% pass rate. Elizabeth says, "This achievement is not only a feather in our caps, but also the school's and most importantly our clever students!" Anita agrees, "Our students worked so hard to achieve this qualification which is a great foundation for a career in childcare. We are really very proud of each and every one of them, and wish them every success for the future."