Level 2 Certificate in Support Work in Schools

Primary School Teaching Assistant Teresa Worpole has received such a boost after completing the Level 2 Certificate in Support Work in Schools, she is already planning to embark on further of our qualifications in the near future.

Teresa admits she was cautious about the Level 2 Certificate in Support Work in Schools potentially adding to her workload, she soon realised that she had an opportunity to demonstrate what she already knew and did so on a daily basis, gaining a recognised qualification at the same time. "It was good that there were ten of us at the school working on it at the same time as we could help each other and discuss it."
To complete the Level 2 Certificate in Support Work in Schools, learners must achieve two mandatory units, and then choose two optional units from a list of 42. These cover a variety of different subjects and areas, making them relevant to all school support staff, including teaching assistants, lunchtime supervisors, and caretakers. Teresa chose Unit 14: Help with classroom resources and records, and Unit 26: Support literacy and numeracy activities in the classroom, as she felt they best reflected what she does on a daily basis. "When it was time for the assessment I was so pleased to be told I was highly competent in all areas. Although I knew I was being assessed on things I did every day, it’s still a real confidence boost for an external person to tell you that you are doing a great job."

Teresa says that there has been a real morale boost among all of the support staff at her school. "When we all passed we celebrated together - some of us even ran down the halls cheering!" The children at Teresa's school were equally impressed and she says "I think they appreciated the fact that we were being observed, one actually said to me "At least you know what its like to do tests like we have to Miss!'

Celebration Ceremony

Hertford Regional College recently acknowledged the success of their Level 2 SWiS learners, with a presentation ceremony to celebrate their achievements. Teresa was joined by 40 other school support staff who had completed the qualification with Hertford's Ware Assessment Centre. All were presented with certificates by the College Principal Paul Harvey, and Ware Assessment Centre Manager Gill Forrest. Speaking after the presentation Gill said, "The Level 2 Support Work in Schools is a superb qualification, and for many it's been what I call the first step back on the learning journey. It accredits the specialist experience school support staff have, and builds their confidence so much. As a result, over half of our Support Work in Schools Learners usually progress onto a related NVQ qualification."

Hertford Regional College plan to deliver the Level 2 and Level 3 NVQs in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools, and Gill says she expects many of the SWiS learners to progress onto them. "I think take up will be especially high with the new NVQ’s, as there is a bigger choice of units to suit the wider schools workforce" she says.

Looking to the Future, and an NVQ!

Teresa’s plans for the future certainly reflect Gill's prediction, as she is hoping to start the Level 3 NVQ in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools. "I have always felt nervous about doing the NVQ as I wasn't sure if I was capable," she says. "Now though, I know I can do it, and that gathering evidence for my portfolio isn't half as daunting as I thought it was, especially with support from my Assessor, Rachel. I really feel that doing the Support Work in Schools qualification has not only enhanced my skills, but has also given me a bit of a thirst for learning. I'm really excited about starting work on my NVQ now!"