Navigating a career crossroads with CACHE – Lisa’s story

We spoke with CACHE learner Lisa about how the CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning supported her when she faced a career crossroads.


Why did you decide to start the CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning at Runshaw Adult College?

With my children now older, I was keen to get back into work, and decided to enrol on the Level 2 course alongside my Functional Skills qualification in maths.

I had previously worked in catering, so this time was an important crossroads for me. I saw the course as the perfect way of getting my career back on track, and taking it in a new, different direction!


What was the best thing about the course?

There were so many positive things about the course – I gained so much new knowledge and made some fantastic friendships along the way. Although the course was hard work, it gave me the confidence and increased self-esteem to do a good job on my school placement. The course has really helped prepare me for a future career, and I had some good laughs along the way too!


What effect has the qualification had on your career?

The course has definitely increased my chances of gaining employment as a Teaching Assistant, as it has given me the skills to effectively and professionally communicate with children. In turn, it’s also increased my confidence to identify potential safeguarding issues.


What are your future plans?

Because I was so happy with the course, I have decided to continue my learning at Runshaw College and have enrolled onto the CACHE Level 3 Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning. I am sure that this will further help me to gain employment as a Teaching Assistant in the future.

I am currently working as a welfare officer at a local school and really enjoy working with children and being able to offer children the opportunity to learn, give something back to the community - all whilst gaining job satisfaction!

The course has really enabled me to get my career going in the right direction, and I am really looking forward to continuing my studies at Runshaw College.


Would you recommend the CACHE qualification to others?

I would 100% recommend the course to anybody that is looking to work within a school setting and to those seeking a career change. For me, the course has really helped me give something back to my local community and I am really looking forward to starting again in September!


Since Lisa spoke with CACHE she has gone on to gain new employment as a Teaching Assistant.