Philbrick Education Consultancy celebrates success of learners studying CACHE Health and Social Care qualifications

Barbara Philbrick, Director or Philbrick Education Consultancy, shares the success of three learners studying Health and Social Care qualifications from CACHE, the UK’s leading sector specialist.

The first success story is about a young learner, Scot from London. Scot was a volunteer in a Drug and Alcohol Service; as an ex-addict who had spent years being homeless, Scot wanted to become qualified as a worker within the service as he felt he had empathetic skills he could bring to the role.

After spending 2 years on a recovery programme, Scot was invited to become a Recovery Champion to provide support to others; this included a development plan to set out his ambition to have a Health and Social Care qualification. Philbrick Education Consultancy came across Scot and worked with the learner to successfully achieve a Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care (Adults) for England.

Ms Philbrick commented: “Scot showed potential to progress more so I invited him to work with me on his Assessors Award, he shadowed me in the Centre whilst assessing other learners and successfully achieved this qualification too. Scot has turned his life around because of self-belief. Due to the support Scot has had from Philbrick Education Consultancy, he has now achieved his goals.”

Another learner, James from Hackney, who had also completed the Recovery Champion programme, joined Philbrick Education Consultancy. James was very unconfident about his own abilities as he left school with no qualifications to take care of a relative, he also has severe dyslexia. Through the one-to-one support service from Philbrick Education Consultancy, James successfully completed the Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care.

Barbara added: “This was one of the most touching stories we have encountered, James was so proud of his achievement which was his first ever qualification. James then had the confidence to enrol on the Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care (Adults) for England. James is a success story that I am proud of and I shall never forget his efforts and how he turned his life around.”

Apollinaire from Bedford approached Philbrick Education Consultancy through a recommendation as he had a desire to put together his own Social Care Service provision. Apollinaire had a thirst for learning and a passion to ensure he had the opportunity to improve the lives of people who had experienced hardship, this motivation stemmed from him leaving his home country where his family had been affected by war and devastation.

Through Philbrick Education Consultancy, Apollinaire successfully completed the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership Management for Health and Social Care. This has led to an approval by CQC to be a manager of his own company. Apollinaire’s’ company has won several council contracts for supporting vulnerable children, young people and adults affected by life circumstances, health issues and abuse.

Barbara added: “Apollinaire’s dedication led to him achieving his goals. He has since worked with Philbrick Education Consultancy to prepare his business and now Philbrick Education Consultancy has the exclusive training contract with his company to provide the CACHE Level 2 and Level 3 Diplomas in Health and Social Care. Apollinaire’s vision has come true and I am so proud of him.” 

Janet King, Subject Specialist at CACHE commented: “Philbrick Education Consultancy has a strong reputation and has a long established relationship with CACHE. We are delighted to hear about their learners’ success stories and look forward to continuing to work with Philbrick Education Consultancy.”

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