Apprenticeship process

Before the EPA

During your apprenticeship your training provider and employer help you to develop the knowledge skills and behaviour in accordance with the apprenticeship standard that you are enrolled to. (Take a look at the full list of apprenticeships). They will also prepare you for your end-point assessment (EPA) and let you know what the EPA for your apprenticeship consists of.

Each apprenticeship’s EPA is composed of at least two different assessment activities and can include a multiple choice questionnaire, professional discussion, workplace observation, and/or many assessment activities.

Once the delivery of the apprenticeship training has been completed your training provider will work  with your employer to ensure that you’re confident  and can demonstrate all of the knowledge, skills and behaviours you’ve gained thought your apprenticeship  at  the End Point Assessment.

Before you attempt your EPA the EPA plus team need to validate any mandatory evidence to ensure that you’re ready.  This process is called ‘Gateway’. This evidence can include a certificate for a mandatory qualification, confirmation that you have completed the required maths and English qualifications and/or any work based evidence (for example, a portfolio).

If your EPA contains a portfolio or written submission, your training provider will work with you to select the best evidence to present in the portfolio, they’ll then upload all of the necessary documentation to the End- Point Assessment Organisation’s portal and complete the Gateway by requesting your EPA.

The EPA Plus team will then review this evidence and respond within 4 working days.  

If any information is missing or incorrect you will receive feedback to enable you and your training provider to re-apply for your EPA.

During the EPA

Once your Gateway evidence has been validated EPA Plus will book in the assessments directly with your employer or training provider. You’ll be told how those assessments will look and what the requirements are to achieve a pass or higher.

The individual assessments will then take place. These can take place in person or remotely.

Remote EPA may be facilitated using videoconferencing or digital testing software.

After the EPA

After your assessment has taken place EPA Plus will complete the marking of the assessment and issue results within five working days.

Once you’ve completed all of the assessments you’ll be issued a final apprenticeship grade and we’ll request your certificate of completion from the Education and Skills Funding Agency.