Why work with EPA Plus?

EPA Plus is one of the largest providers of end-point assessment in England, leading the way from the first days of end- point assessment (EPA), infusing innovation and customer service into each stage of the process.


EPA Plus provides clarity and reassurance for employers, training providers and apprentices and offers:

  • Guaranteed access to your chosen Gateway progression date*
  • Gateway validation within 4 working days
  • All EPAs completed within 8 weeks from Gateway acceptance date**
  • Changed EPA start date requests responded to within 5 working days
  • Feedback and results on each assessment component within 5 working days

*When 90 days’ notice is provided
**With some exceptions where the End- Point Assessment Plans stipulate specific timelines for EPA

Employers choose the End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) they want to use for the EPA of their apprentices. EPA Plus has chosen to focus our EPA activity in the sectors which we have a positive reputation and key sector insight:

  • Health
  • Care and Education
  • Business

At EPA Plus we know that assessment is a stressful process for many people. Our directly employed team of Independent End-Point Assessors (IEPA) are sector experts who provide assessment which is fair, consistent, and rigorous. IEPAs carry out assessment in a thorough, thoughtful and respectful way.

By selecting EPA Plus you are choosing a service which is reliable, client and quality focused.