For Learners

Raising Standards, Building Careers

Our learners are important. They look after people of all ages and from all walks of life. That’s why we make every effort to support them.

We want you to be able to develop your career and focus on the areas of care that particularly interest you. The work you do improves lives, and we want to help you do it as well as possible.

Our qualifications are comprehensive yet practical and easy to understand. Taking the right qualification will be a fantastic experience and one of the best ways to build a professional career in care and education. To view our full portfolio visit QualHub.

Choosing the Right Level of Qualification for you.

Whether you are just starting out or already qualified and thinking about developing your career, we will have a qualification at a Level to suit you.

Entry Level and Level 1

These qualifications are great if you want to learn more about care. Although they don’t qualify you to work, they do help you understand what this might be like. They are also a great stepping stone to the next Level of qualifications.

Level 2

These qualifications are suitable if you are working or will be working under supervision. They will either qualify you to work or complement a wider programme of training, such as apprenticeships.

Level 3

These qualifications are suitable if you are working or will be working unsupervised. They will either qualify you to work or complement a wider programme of training, such as apprenticeships.

There are also a wide range of professional development qualifications (CPD) at this Level, to support professional practice and enhance career development.

Levels 4 and 5

These qualifications are suitable for experienced workers who manage or take a lead role in a care setting, or work role.

At Level 4 you would ideally be specialist in your chosen area, looking to develop complementary skills.

At Level 5 you are likely to have management or leadership experience at this point.

Before you start

Whether you have your career all planned, or you only have a vague idea of what you want to do, if you would like to:

  • Work Caring for children and young people
  • Work as a Playworker
  • Work Supporting Teaching and Learning
  • Work in Health and Social Care support
  • Work as an Assessor or Internal Quality Assurer

Then you should come to us.  Look though our Qualifications, or browse our Careers Guide to see what would suit you best, and what qualifications you would need to start your career.

During your course

Past Papers

You will be able to access exemplar test papers for certain qualifications by checking under the page for the relevant qualification.

Duty of Care

Learners are at the heart of all we do. With this in mind, if we permanently withdraw centre approval or cease trading with a centre due to financial reasons and learners are still on a registered qualification, we will instigate our duty of care process. This may mean that we:

  • allow the learners to complete the qualification at the centre subject to specific conditions agreed with NCFE and the centre
  • make arrangements for learners to complete their qualification at another NCFE approved centre
  • provide the learners with details of other Awarding Organisations who offer the same or similar qualification to that which the learners were studying with the NCFE centre.

We will work with our learners to support, advise and help them to complete their training.


Find our qualifications, learning resources and delivery support on our dedicated website QualHub

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Find your nearest CACHE approved place to study

Are you interested in taking an cache qualification? We can help you find a place to study!

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Replacement Certificates

We offer a replacement certificate service to both learners and Centres where the original issued certificate has been misplaced or damaged. 

Request replacement certificates

​Badge Application Form

Traditionally, staff in the caring sector have worn a badge to show they are qualified. We know you are proud of your achievement and being able to wear a badge on your lapel is a great way to let the rest of the world know.

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If you want to make a complaint about a centre, we’ll do everything we can to help.