Careers Help

If you are considering your options and not quite sure where to go next in terms of your career or qualifications, that’s ok!

At CACHE, we believe that there is #nowrongpath to success, but there are lots of ways to find information, advice and guidance to help you to identify your next steps.

If you have absolutely no idea what you might want to do as a career, don’t worry!  It is perfectly normal to be unsure.  It is a big decision and therefore important to look for additional information and perform research before you make it.

Doing your research

One thing you might want to try to get you started is a career diagnostic. You can find lots of them online, but there is a comprehensive one that you can complete free at

Answering the questions as honestly as possible will help the diagnostic to work at its best and, by the end of the quiz, you should have some good suggestions to explore.

Finding out the specifics

Once you know which job, or even which general career area you would like to work in, a good starting point might be to take a look at specific job profiles on the National Careers Service website.

These great guides can give you information about the salary, general working hours and day to day make up of lots of different job roles, as well as information about which qualifications and skills you might need and where the role might lead through progression opportunities.

After finding out all that you can from the job profiles, you might want to get some advice that is specific to you and talk through your options with someone who is well informed.

Getting advice

You will need to contact the right careers advice service for where you live, so that the information that they provide is accurate, as careers may have different entry requirements depending on where they are based, due to local legislation and standardisation. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all have their own careers advice services and you can find contact details (including how to get in touch via webchat in some cases) at these links;




Northern Ireland

If you are outside of the UK, you may need to look online for contact details of your most relevant advice service.

There are some specialist advice services available if you are considering a career in the CACHE Sector. The NHS have a great careers resource  which now also provides information about some jobs in Social Care and Skills for Care have some brilliant information, if you think Adult Social Care might be for you. There is also growing support for those exploring careers in Childcare, including some brilliant resources available as part of the Inspiring a Future in Childcare Campaign.

How can CACHE support you?

We also have our own resources that can help you to navigate your way to your perfect career. You may find our Early Years Progression Map helpful as a starting point, if you would like to work with children.  We even have a Professional Membership Network designed to help you to find and progress through work, where you can get advice, support and stay up to date.  Take a look and sign up here:


On our dedicated website QualHub, you’ll find:

  • qualifications details
  • learning resources
  • approval forms
  • delivery support
  • much more.
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