Unregulated Qualifications

Although we offer a range of qualifications, it’s really easy to identify if your programme is regulated provision or is NCFE unregulated provision.

Unregulated Qualifications - Accreditation & Employer Services

As well as our range of national qualifications which are regulated by our regulators, NCFE also offers qualifications through our Accreditation & Employer Services. These qualifications are unregulated provision and therefore shouldn’t be confused with our 600+ nationally recognised qualifications.

Our Accreditation & Employer Services provide a quality assurance framework for the development delivery and evaluation of bespoke qualifications. This enables centres to be responsive to their customers’ needs and encourages participation through development of qualifications of varying levels, delivery methods, length and content.

Customised Qualifications

Our Customised Qualifications recognise that centres sometimes devise qualifications that are specific to their learner’s needs and therefore aren’t part of the regulated national framework. For these qualifications our Customised Qualifications recognise the robust quality assurance systems that the centres have in place and apply to these qualifications.

How do I know what type of qualification I’m registered on?

Although we offers a range of qualifications, it’s really easy to identify if your qualification is a nationally recognised provision or NCFE unregulated provision.

If you’re unsure about the status of a qualification, check your certificate or ask your centre for the NCFE code for the qualification you’re registered on.

A regulated qualification code will always have an accreditation number which has been assigned by the qualification regulators. Regulated qualification codes look like this 601/1282/7, which is the code for the NCFE Level 2 Award in Job Search and Employment Potential.

Unregulated qualifications are given a course code by NCFE

Customised Qualifications have a code that starts with CQ eg CQ1234

Some employment sectors require specific qualifications as part of their entry criteria. If you’re unsure which of our qualifications will best suit your career goals or aspirations, talk to your centre or contact us on email [email protected].