Topping up learners within qualification nests – how-to guide

To assist you in moving learners through a nested qualification, learners can now be topped up to a qualification that is the same level and subject within the Award, Certificate and Diploma structure.

In this case, a conversion fee will apply:

  • if the new qualification is more expensive than the original, the difference in price will be charged, plus a top up fee
  • if the new qualification is the same price or lower than the original qualification, the only additional cost is the top up fee.

If the learner has already achieved the external assessment on the original qualification, they will be charged the difference between the original and the topped up qualification.

You no longer need to register on individual qualifications.

You can top up your learners using the ‘top up’ function in the ‘My Learners’ section on the Portal.

Select learner and click ‘Top up’. You will then be able to choose from the drop down and click ‘Top up’.

You will then see the following confirmation page: