Trailblazer success for Dental Nurse Apprenticeship

Hannah Taylor, Lead Independent End-Point Assessor at NCFE

After attending a number of trailblazer meetings last year for the Level 3 Dental Nurse standard, we were delighted when Version 2 of the assessment plan was finally released.

The Dental Nurse role complements the roles of other dental professionals and provides a high level of patient care. Version 1 of the Dental Nurse assessment plan was one of the first trailblazer standards to be published after the reform, and after a number of delays due to actions and requirements from Ofqual, the long-awaited updated version is welcomed in the sector.

The new version, which is available on the IfA website, features a radical overhaul of the assessment components. During the trailblazer meetings, we had the opportunity to contribute to these assessment methods and amend any actions from the IfA. This resulted in all actions being resolved and Version 2 going live in November.

We feel the updated assessment plan, which now includes an observation in the workplace and a professional discussion, is a lot more suited to both apprentices and employers.

Our involvement in the trailblazer group meant we were able to develop a range of comprehensive resources and guidance documents, tailored specifically to the updated plan. The materials, designed to support apprentices, employers and providers, are all available on our online platform SEPA.

With the capacity and capability to deliver immediately on this standard, NCFE’s team of employed Independent End-Point Assessors all have hands-on occupational competence in the sector as qualified Dental Nurses with vast experience in delivering quality and robust assessments.

Our recent successful audit from Ofqual, commending best practice, reflects the value and integrity we are committed to providing with our end-point assessment solutions.