Who can you help us to connect with?

We are looking to engage with sector experts across a range of health and science, and digital occupations to help us review, comment on or help write qualification and assessment materials.  We only need a few hours of colleagues’ time, and they don’t need to be education experts; that’s our job.  We are simply looking for colleagues who can reflect on their skills and experience – so that we can reflect that occupational reality in the qualifications.

We can provide draft content for you to use through whatever channels and networks you think most appropriate - and can manage responses directly such that all you need to do is nest content in your existing rhythm of activity.  We need to move quickly so that we can finalise qualifications over the coming weeks and work with providers to prepare for delivery to students next year.

Input can be provided remotely and at whatever time of day, night, week or weekend suits colleagues best.  We will simply share short draft documents with colleagues and ask for their feedback, suggestions and advice. 

What next?

If you might be willing to help, Zac Aldridge ([email protected] / tel: 07792 298 383) would be delighted to work with the right person in your team to execute.