Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Apprenticeships and Traineeships are  two  Government schemes aimed at giving young people in England the skills, knowledge and experience to enter the workforce and actively contribute to the UK economy. The two schemes, whilst different in design and approach, offer opportunities for learners who do not wish to take the traditional academic route after GCSEs, as well as those at risk of becoming NEET (not in education, employment or training).

Traineeships are designed to give learners aged 16-23 who are unemployed  the requisite numeracy and literacy skills, alongside work preparation and on-the-job training, to progress either to an Apprenticeship or into employment. Designed to last no longer than 6 months, Traineeships offer young learners the opportunity to gain basic employability skills and knowledge whilst deciding which progression route they are most suited to.

Apprenticeships are aimed primarily at younger learners, but are available to anyone wishing to train in a specific job role. In contrast to Traineeships, Apprenticeship learners need to be in employment to be eligible for the programme and will be required to stay on the programme for at least 12 months. Apprenticeships require a minimum of 30 hours per week in employment, alongside classroom based learning to achieve the transferable skills (English, Mathematics and ICT where applicable) and core qualification components of the Apprenticeship. 


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