Taking steps; reducing suicide

The number of suicides continues to rise, with 1 in 5 of us suffering from suicidal thoughts. To make a difference, we’ve collaborated with experts to bring you a package which will help prevent suicides.

We’ve launched the first regulated awards in the UK to raise awareness and reduce suicide.

To access help for suicidal thoughts, please visit the NHS website

Improve outcomes and help save lives  

  • These qualifications are designed to destigmatise suicide, and provide learners with the skills to face conversations around mental health and suicide with confidence.
  • With short GLH, the qualifications fit seamlessly into enrichment activity, pastoral support, or other work commitments.
  • Both qualifications are eligible for funding by the ESFA, making them even more accessible.
  • High quality, online learning resources are available from LearnBox to support delivery of the Level 2 Award.
  • The qualifications are suitable for a wide range of learners aged 16+, including adult learners in any sector.
  • Should you need further training and support to deliver these qualifications, there’s an accredited ‘train the trainer’ course available from BDLD.

Please note that CACHE is not a suicide helpline. To access help for suicidal thoughts, please visit the NHS website.

NHS website

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Taking steps forward

Together we’re moving forward with suicide reduction; one step at a time.

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Supported by an objective evaluation project, led by expert psychologist from AELP.


Co-created with mental health training experts Big Dog Little Dog (BDLD).


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Developed with high quality learning resources from LearnBox.


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